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Vast array of upgrades to Soapbox to usher in the first few weeks of the year


January was a busy month here at Soapbox with a vast array of upgrades being tossed under the hood of your Soapbox site to enhance performance and support your mission. We already shared details on the significant improvements made to the search tools for the Donations > Transaction view, the ability to designate a transaction as fraudulent, enhanced logging that can help inform improved Donation page performance, and the added ability for you to add custom fields to an Events app registration form.

Here's an app-by-app rundown of the other improvements made to Soapbox during the first few weeks of the year:

Donations app

  • Added summary data at the top of the Transactions view in the administrator that automatically calculates the Total Number of Transactions, Total Amount of Transactions, and Average Transaction Amount. This number adjusts based on the records currently displayed in the table based on the filter settings you apply. With this, you can easily view the summary values for any subset of transactions made through Soapbox.
  • Added a Subsequent Payments section to the upcoming transaction detail view for initial recurring donations to show what subsequent recurring payments have been made. This detail view is scheduled for release in the coming weeks.
  • Added a hyperlink from the Subscription Id of a subsequent recurring payment record's upcoming transaction detail view that opens the initial recurring transaction detail view
  • Added further data to the upcoming transaction detail view
  • Added error logging to the Soapbox server to capture responses from Braintree when an attempted update of a recurring donation is made by a logged in front end user on the My Transactions view that results in an error from the payment processor

Events app

  • Resolved an issue where, in some edge cases, the inset map on the event detail page was showing the incorrect location
  • Allowed an administrator to define the page title of the Search Classes view by altering the menu item for that view
  • Hid the Confirmation Email, Redirect After Registration, and RSVP Confirmation Page Message sections on the Messages tab for an event if the Shopping Cart is enabled
  • Resolved an issue with the Attendee Information form for anonymous users when both the Shopping Cart and family registration are enabled
  • Resolved an issue with the display of the End Time for an event in the Date and Time column of the Event Manager

Google Analytics plugin

  • Upgraded the Soapbox Google Analytics plugin to use the most recent version of the Google Analytics tracking code. This upgrade is the first in a powerful series of releases that are designed to surface clear data on the performance of your Donation app pages that you can use to guide future success.

Shop app

  • Added an entirely new Orders view for the Shop app along with powerful filtering tools to search order information for all orders since 1/1/2018. More details >>
  • Add an order detail view that provides expansive details for a given order

Happy Soapboxing!

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