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Understanding the setup and user experience of the Events ticket self-service feature


If you have the portals add-on feature for your Soapbox Engage site that allows front-end users the ability to login for a personalized experience, you can choose to provide front-end access to orders and tickets for events. This can be granted to front-end logged in users who placed the orders. It can also be granted to anonymous logged in users so individual ticket holders can access and edit individual tickets.

How do I set up Self-Service for Event tickets?

To set up self-service of Event tickets so individuals can view Event orders and tickets, you will need to do the following:

  1. Add a menu item to display the Event orders for a logged in user
  2. Select the My Event Orders menu item in the Events Configuration
  3. Grant edit access to orderers and ticket holders for tickets associated with an Event

Optional steps include:

  1. Customizing the text on the Orders Page and Tickets Page for the My Event Orders views
  2. Displaying a Manage My Tickets button on an Event detail view
  3. Setting a standard or custom Attendee Information field as Required Before Event for Front-End Attendee Self-Service
  4. Setting a custom Salesforce Attendee Information field as visible and editable for front-end users for Front-End Attendee Self-Service for an Event
  5. Setting a custom Microsoft Attendee Information field as visible and editable for front-end users for Front-End Attendee Self-Service for an Event

How can front-end logged in orderers view their orders and tickets?

Orderers can view their orders and tickets by:

  1. Navigating to the My Event Orders URL you created when you added the menu item noted above;
  2. Clicking the Manage My Tickets button on an event detail view, if you have enabled it for an event

On the My Events Orders view, a logged in user will see a list of all Event orders they have placed. Specifically, this list will show all Event orders with an email address that matches that of the logged in user.

From the My Event Orders view, they can drill down to individual My Event Order detail views. This view will display information about the event and the order as well as a list of individual tickets. The ordered can click to view a Ticket detail page from this view or edit a Ticket, if access has been granted.

How can front-end anonymous users view and edit individual tickets?

Front-end anonymous users can view and edit individual tickets by accessing the direct URL for a given ticket. This URL must be shared with them by a front-end logged in orderer by copying and pasting the URL for the desired ticket in an email or other means of communication.

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